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Projection Modeling Tutorial (part 2)

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First update the addon to the new version 1.1.2
The second lesson on projection modeling in blender, focusing on working with mesh projections, I will also show combined work with curves and mesh planes, I will show how to make text using projections, and some basics that were not included in the first lesson

Blender Market: https://blendermarket.com/products/projection-modeling
Gumroad: https://vovrzull777.gumroad.com/l/projection-modeling
Boosty: https://boosty.to/vovrzull
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vovrzull

0:00 Connecting mesh projection
1:00 Editing mesh projections
2:12 Chair
3:46 Using Projection Collections
5:00 Combination with curve
6:33 Text projection


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#Projection# Modeling #Tutorial# (part 2)
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