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Dream Textures - New Blender A.I Tool For All!

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Dream Textures is an all-new installment of AI tools in blender that allows users to create endlessly, from textures to awesome artworks
00:00 Intro
00:57 Getting Started
01:08 Installation
02:43 Working with Dream Textures
02:59 Generating Textures
03:42 Previewing Seamless Textures
04:30 Applying AI-Generated Textures to Mesh
05:01 Extending Textures on Mesh In Edit Mode
05:32 Generating Interesting Seamless Textures
06:39 More AI - More Action
06:43 Generating AI Photographs
08:19 Performance, Memory Usage & More Info
09:57 More Creative Ways to Create Images
11:04 Custom Preset for Bespoke Prompts
12:18 Premium Free Resource Downloads
12:53 Final Words

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