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#hardops - Everscroll

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So the original task name was everyscroll but it was misinterpreted to everscroll which sounded cooler. Sometimes it be like dat.
I am immensely proud of everyscroll and the work that has went into it. As someone who comes from a background in troubleshooting my aim is to help users understand the issues they face and understand why they happen so they can mentally begin to prepare to think about how to solve it. Scrollers look cool for showing what a model is built of but its also essential to getting the most out of your experience with quickly revering or progressing a modifer based creation and find problematic areas and diagnose them.

In one of the last videos of 2020 let's dive into everscroll and how it can work for you.

Hardops & Boxcutter & Decalmachine
#hardops - Everscroll
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